ATM Recon Winfield

ATM Recon Winfield

Produce ATM Reconciliation (Recon) Files From Archive Winfield Only!!


1.     Customer will ask for recon files, you must ask them to place their files in the Shazam folder in ftp0.

2.     Rename file / files as ATM110.yyyymmdd

3.     Copy this file to the ATM server, on C: drive, to the tsi259 balance folder.

4.     Next, logon to the ATM server as ‘administrator’ / CoReatm6$6!

5.     There is an icon on the Desktop; Recon 259.

6.     Launch and wait for it to finish.

7.     X out of the RDP connection to the ATM server. DO NOT LOGOUT.

8.     Then, look in the bank’s balance folder. There will be 2 reports for every file. Reports start with RANS & RSNA  ( RANSYYYYMMDD.CSV  & RSNAYYYYMMDD.CSV )

9.     Copy those to bank’s ftp0 folder. There should exist, a folder named ‘ATM  Reports’, drop them there and then let bank know reports are ready.